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Prenatal Testing

Congratulations! You're pregnant!

We are happy to provide you with some of the most up-to-date and accurate non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT): the Harmony and Panorama and Maternit-21 prenatal blood tests. With NIPT testing, we can take a blood sample from the birthing person as early as 10 weeks gestation. The test looks at fragments of your baby’s DNA in your blood to provide accurate information about the likelihood of the most common chromosomal conditions. Additionally, these tests can identify the sex of your baby. These NIPT tests could be covered by your insurance; please clarify with your individual carrier.

Are you in the low-risk category for chromosomal conditions and just want to know the sex of your baby? We partner with Sneak Peek  to provide testing that can reveal the sex of your baby as early as 8 weeks gestation.  

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Cost: $150

Not sure that you're pregnant? Get in touch and let us help you find out for sure.

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