Complete Midwifery Care: Birthing Guidance and Support

Image by Mustafa Omar

Community Birth isn't a new trend, it's a time-honored, globally respected service and tradition. 

Would you like the comfort of delivering your child in your home or at our birthing center?


Would you like your family, other children or friends to be in attendance at your birth? Would you like a different experience than your last birth? Have you considered a Community birth?

​Our Birth Center care package includes a free consultation and tour of our new birth center, all prenatal visits, nutrition and supplement counseling, labor and delivery, water birth (if desired), a thorough newborn exam, breastfeeding support, postpartum home visits, a 6 week in-office postpartum visit and all relevant paperwork for obtaining a birth certificate and social security card. 

Want to stay at home? Our Home Birth package includes all the same services as the Birth Center package.

We take on a limited number of clients per month. Keeping our client load small allows for more attentive, personalized care.

Cost: We utilize a sliding-scale fee structure and will work out a payment plan that suits your needs. Schedule your consult today and let's discuss.